14 May Hospital Centricity For Elderly Care

The 32nd National Congress of the Italian Society of Geriatrics Hospital and Territory (SIGOT) – chaired by Filippo Fimognari – has been recently held in Rome with a participation of more than 700 physicians. The theme of the Congress – presided by Lorenzo Palleschi and Francesco Vetta – was “clinical instability of the Geriatric patient”.

“In Geriatrics, it is time to go beyond the simplistic contrast between acute and chronic – say Vetta and Palleschi – replacing it with the concept of clinical instability, a characteristic that goes through all the phases of Geriatric diseases. There is a clinical continuity that starts from the chronic diseases, moves though vulnerability and stress factors (fragility), and ends with the risk of frequent and sudden clinical deterioration, which put the patient’s life at risk and can only be managed by duly equipped hospitals. Clinical instability is intrinsic to frailty and represents a continuous challenge in all care settings both on local and hospital side.

SIGOT works to reaffirm the central role of hospital treatment in the care network”.