23 Oct 58° Annual Meeting Of The Italian Society Of Nephrology (SIN)

From October 4th to 7th  the 58° Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN) was held at the Palacongressi di Rimini. This year’s meeting boasts a great attendance record of more than 1900 participants. Following the past few years SIN continued its valued collaborations with other Scientific Societies culminating in 4 joint sessions AISF-SIMI-SIMIT, AMD-SID, SIIA, AIOM-SIRM. For the first time 3 medic-nurse sessions has been organized with a substantial attendance of nurses. During the meeting SIN launched the social awareness campaign “Scacco Matto al rene malato in 3 mosse” (Checkmate to the diseased kidney in 3 moves) and there were talks about prevention, early diagnosis and organ donation along with all the latest news in nephrology. We would like to thank all the participants that have contributed to the success of this event.  See you in Rimini at SIN 2018.