Eighty is the new sixty!

Over 100 international participants in San Servolo Island – Venice, for the meeting “Senior travellers on the move: a focus on vaccine-preventable diseases”The world’s ageing population and the increasing number of older travellers have important implications, especially for health professionals. According to senior population projections...

SIPREC: no fake news

A problem that should not be underestimated: more than 1 in 3 Italians seeks medical information online and this has a strong impact on the doctor-patient relationship at the expense of patients' health."Especially in the field of primary prevention, that is among healthy people -...

Limitless – Innovation and commitment without limits

It has just concluded in Florence Limitless, an event where clinical Key Opinion Leaders shared the stage with philosophers, athletes, architects, sociologists and engineers, making a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary talk, aimed at building a innovative approach to medicine....

ANGI Prize

Aristea awarded with National ANGI PrizeToday, in Rome, in the breath-taking frame of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Aristea was awarded with the National ANGI Prize, for the category "Health & Science".The award, dedicated to different categories, was created to acknowledge the best initiatives set...

Gronda Mare

Aristea would like to share the video, prepared by the Municipality of Genoa, concerning the opening of the new ramp - called “Gronda Mare” - that connects the two tollbooths of “Genova Ovest” and “Genova Aeroporto”: now it has become easier to travel this route.Watch...

SISA National Congress

The 32nd SISA National Congress was held in Bologna from 25 to 27 November 2018 and it was attended by more than 700 participants.The aim of SISA (Società Italiana per lo Studio dell'Aterosclerosi) is to promote scientific research in the field of atherosclerosis.For further information:

Aristea’s 30th Anniversary: We impact

Aristea has celebrated its 30th birthday. 30s is the age to think about the future, the age to dream, to invent and build your life on a solid ground.Aristea is every single person inside of it, all the people who, in these days, gathered to celebrate this...

PCCO Academy 2017-2018

Aristea participates in the new edition of PCCO Academy.The second meeting - entitled “New Formats and How to Engage and Connect Communities - Engaging the Mind and Heart of the Customer" engaged a parterre of truly exceptional professionals....

Internal Medicine in Rome

The 119th National Congress of Italian Society of Internal Medicine (SIMI) was attended by more than 1,600 participants.The Italian Society of Internal Medicine was established in 1887, making it the oldest existing Italian medical association.For further information:

Rehabilitation Cardiology in Genoa

The 14th Edition of the GICR-IACPR National Congress (Italian Association for Cardiovascular Prevention, Rehabilitation and Epidemiology) was held in Genoa, in the magnificent setting of the Old Port, on October 25/27, 2018.The Conference brought together attendees from the healthcare sector and provided them with the...