22 Oct Allergy tests at the Chamber of Deputies

From the 6th to 8th of November 2018 Aristea will organize allergy tests in Parliament for the members of the Chamber of Deputies. This activity represents a new phase of the institutional project organized for AAIITO (Associazione Allergologi Immunologi Italiani Territoriali e Ospedalieri) started in September 2018 with the presentation entitled “One allergic Italian in every four: a public health problem with broad social repercussions”. Allergy testing can help diagnose allergies, consequently reduce adverse reactions and limit unnecessary medications and lifestyle changes.

Professional allergists of AAIITO will conduct skin prick tests with the support of the infirmary of the Chamber of Deputies wherein the patients will be pricked with a series of needles that contain extracts of allergic triggers. The doctors will look for strong reactions like welts or red bumps to determine if the patient has allergies.