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27 May Clinical Nutrition, an opportunity not yet exploited

80% of the National Health Service resources are used for chronic diseases, often related to malnutrition illnesses.

Implementing clinical nutrition in the field of chronic diseases would lead to substantial savings in terms of health and social cost and improvements in the quality of life. This has been discussed in the press conference of NUTRENDO, the 1st National Forum on Clinical Nutrition, held at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. It has been presented the memorandum of understanding “Fogli di Roma”: a starting point for a better, rational, effective and appropriate healthcare system. For example, the proposal of mandatory nutritional screening for high risk patients once they are admitted in hospitals or nursing homes.
Furthermore, it has been discussed about the issue of Fake News in the field of clinical nutrition, with the proposal to create a task force of clinicians and journalists to spread constantly true and reliable news on the subject.

In the picture the referents of SINuC, at the Press Conference Room of Montecitorio.