ARISTEA | Your Professional Consultant Congress Organiser

At Aristea we pride ourselves on our ability to:
  • Listen attentively to your needs.
  • Understand your challenges.
  • Plan with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Communicate consistently with you.
  • Ensure full compliance.
  • Deliver creative solutions that really work for you and your company, association or brand.
  • Exceed your expectations, always.


To build a lasting partnership with you, through expertise, integrity, mutual trust and respect, helping you to achieve your goals in the most cost-efficient way. We believe the key to our successful Client relations is transparency.



Aristea’s economic and financial stability allows us to invest continuously in our future, improving and enhancing our organisational and technological systems. This ensures that we operate effectively and with maximum efficiency in a highly competitive international context.


Aristea’s flexibility and creative problem-solving ability means that we remain highly competitive irrespective of the prevailing economic climate.
Furthermore, we have robust strategies in place for dealing with the unexpected


Aristea’s emphasis on innovation means that we can apply cost-effective, cutting edge technological solutions to practical project management, allowing us to constantly improve both the strategic and organisational aspects of our work, to your benefit.


Aristea has devoted extensive technical and professional resources to creating a Quality System that has been certified to European Standard ISO 9001:2015 (please see our Quality Policy). Aristea constantly monitors the validity of its organisational processes and client and staff satisfaction levels in order to assure:

The highest Quality of management

Meaning our commitment to maintaining our competitive advantage, to remaining stable, flexible and innovative, as well as being socially responsible.

The highest Quality of services provided

By satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, who will benefit from the resources, structures and activities developed by Aristea. We bring creative concepts and smart solutions to every project.

The highest Quality of communication

Understood as a 2 way process of listening and learning from each other.

The highest Quality of human resource development

Understood as opportunities for professional growth and job satisfaction within our company.


Aristea and its affiliated companies are members of a number of important Italian and international associations. Because we know just how important the creation of new networking opportunities is for you and your Delegates. With Aristea, you’re in safe, competent, professional hands.


Aristea has always taken great care to conduct its busine, recoss in a responsible manner through sustainable procedures. Aristea basis its activity around the principle of sustainability; social, economic and environmental. We belive that a sustainable approach to these 3 aspects of our work can enhance one’s quality of life. This apporach is shared by all our staff, who have contributed significantly to the development of a collective conscience, recognisable even by those outside the company looking in. In particular, Aristea tries to limit the environmental impact of its activities by reducing waste, cutting costs, and aiming to leave a positive legacy.
We also demonstrate our corporate social responsibility through a range of programs and activities for helping children “at risk”.


We at Aristea are a small, committed and creative team, passionate about harnessing the very latest technology to bring creative concepts and smart solution to our high quality services, and maximizing Client satisfaction. All staff members are directly involved in the development of our corporate strategy as well as in the continuous improvement of the quality of the services, concepts and solutions we offer. Each event organised by Aristea is entrusted to a Project Team, coordinated by an experienced Project Leader who is the unique point of contact for the client and is in charge of all the operational phases. With Aristea you are in safe, competent, professional hands.

Massimo Laiolo
Annarosa Miele
Paola Biglino
Patrizia Carbonella

Barbara Rossi
Alessandro Amidei
Francesca Mannella
Stefania Niccolini
Roberto Cocchella
Sara Capo
Andrea Comaschi

Benedetta Andreini
Filippo Bagnasco
Simone Barbieri
Benedetta Bellotti
Daniela Benvenuto
Francesca Bertonati
Lucia Biglino
Daniela Binacci
Marco Canobbio
Gaia Cassini
Alessandra Colombo
Camilla Costa
Michela De Micheli
Salvatore D'Elia
Francesca Deviach
Daniele Federici
Arianna Gaggero
Federica Isola
Michele Lodato
Anna Luxardi
Valentina Marsano
Michele Mero
Elisa Migone
Toni Minniti
Verusca Palermo
Carmen Palomba
Eleonora Pasqualini
Chiara Romano
Simona Saracco
Alessia Testa
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