Aristea Consulting, a division of Aristea International, carries out strategic analysis, creates appropriate Vision and Mission statements, and develops short, medium and long term plans for its clients right across the Healthcare sector. We constantly strive to build bridges between the world of science and medicine, the healthcare industry and the general population, to positively impact on knowledge dissemination and quality of life.

Aristea Consulting offers a 30-year-long scientific and technological background and its expertise in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector, to develop communication, marketing and professional training projects in the health sector. Aristea Consulting networks include scientific societies and opinion leaders, at national and international level. This collaboration guarantees highest quality contents for all kind of projects.


Aristea Consulting, a division of Aristea International, provides outsourcing services for pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.

The services are diversified: from the management of technical-scientific consultancy contracts to the management of sponsorship contracts, from the management of regulatory affairs, including the practices relating to Italian Laws 165/2001 and 219/2006, to the management of contracts with suppliers.


Over the last years, companies have increasingly focused on Diversity and on the actions and policies aiming to accept, respect and value individual differences such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical- psychological abilities and religious beliefs. Supporting different lifestyles and responding to different needs in a safe and positive environment, besides being ethically crucial, lead to direct benefits. Companies who have greater workplace diversity outperform their competitors in reputation, innovation and engagement thanks to the active inclusion of each individual’s unique aspects and approach.

Today, the concept of diversity positively impacted the labour market and outreached the field of Events Organization.

Aristea Consulting, leader in this field for over 30 years, will help to successfully encompass inclusion values and multiple dimensions of diversity in your business strategies events. The most innovative and appealing solutions and a variety of different perspectives will allow to increase the number of participants and achieve higher profits!