Aristea Conference Center

Aristea Conference Center

Our conference centre, specifically designed for the needs of the meeting industry and integrated with our expertise, was built in 2019 to fully embrace digital innovation and its potential, thanks to the synergy between creative and executive teams and custom-developed technologies.

The virtual space of the conference centre fully reproduces the environments and opportunities for information and meetings typical of a face-to-face event, from the plenary hall to the sponsors’ stands and through the welcome desk, while at the same time the whole experience is fully personalised.

The user experience is simplified, fluid and designed to help one find their way around immediately and feel at ease, like one would in an in-person setting.

Being ahead of the trends of the meeting industry with our conference centre has allowed us to be fully ready to satisfy the needs imposed by the pandemic that began in 2020. We produced about 20 tailor-made events for scientific societies and other organizations, allowing over 15,000 people from over 60 countries around the world to get training, participate in discussions, access information and stay in touch.


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Pensiero strategico e soluzioni innovative ci spingono a superare le aspettative, sempre. Per ogni progetto, un obiettivo in più. E’ così che ci evolviamo insieme ai nostri clienti.


The collaboration between EuGMS and Aristea began in 2013, when the Society’s annual congress was held in Venice, and since 2016 EuGMS has chosen Aristea as their Core PCO.

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Società Italiana di Medicina Interna

SIMI (Italian Society of Internal Medicine) is the oldest Italian scientific society.

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