E-Timely (Achieving key milestone in advanced CSCC) was a two-day live streaming event combined with a rich dedicated web platform, held to take stock of the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and of the different therapeutic options for advanced CSCC patients.

In response to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was able to effectively address issues such as a systemic immunotherapy approach (previously not available) and to analyse and establish the correct therapeutic window for the new product, thanks to the presentation, analysis and discussion of the latest international clinical data by a high-profile faculty assisted by a very impactful television direction.

E-Timely is a fully digital stand-alone  event with a high engagement rate, created in the studios of a major TV broadcaster to give a new, interactive and engaging look to a medical-scientific appointment, just like a good quality in-depth news program.


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The collaboration between EuGMS and Aristea began in 2013, when the Society’s annual congress was held in Venice, and since 2016 EuGMS has chosen Aristea as their Core PCO.

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Società Italiana di Medicina Interna

SIMI (Italian Society of Internal Medicine) is the oldest Italian scientific society.

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