The collaboration between EuGMS and Aristea began in 2013, when the Society’s annual congress was held in Venice, and since 2016 EuGMS has chosen Aristea as their Core PCO.

The Congress has seen the number of its participants tripled: from 700 in Oslo in 2015 to now over 2000.

Now EuGMS organizes study and research groups, in-depth and dissemination activities and face-to-face meetings throughout the year.

There are currently 30 different study groups, their number having doubled since 2016.

Aristea has also promoted homogeneity and innovation across the Society’s activities and is working on an ongoing basis to ensure that industry stakeholders — from pharma companies to institutions such as WHO and European government bodies — are more connected with EuGMS. We organize projects that can keep the organization in step with the times and increase its versatility in terms of communication strategies.

Over these years marked by the pandemic, the European society has been a point of reference for all the national societies that are part of it and other entities.

It has appointed a task force of excellence to share questions and answers, discussions and useful information on the various aspects related to Covid-19 infection and its impact on the elderly and frail.

The EuGMS congress points towards an increasingly green future, with less printing on paper, the reduction of congress waste and the decision to plant one or more trees on the occasion of the congress itself.


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