Limitless is an event halfway between a cultural and a scientific event.

There are no longer any borders between medical science, engineering, architecture and social sciences.

Speakers belonging to different fields discuss together new technologies and their possible applications in every aspect of life.

Different areas of expertise come together to stimulate a fruitful debate focused on the similarities between the medical world and everyday life and how technology can improve a person’s quality of life from multiple angles.

Limitless stands as an opportunity to reflect, to analyse the possible benefits of technological innovation, to promote a dialogue between the clinical world and the lay world (engineering, programming, architecture, etc.) so as to develop concrete proposals for a new healthcare model based on knowledge sharing and effective use of new technologies.

Thanks to the presence of internationally renowned experts in the most advanced sectors of technology and to the use of a dynamic infotainment format, the event achieves its main goal, i.e. surprising and involving the participants’ hearts and minds.

Classic lectures are replaced by transversal, stimulating and short Ted-Talk style speeches, talk shows that are built in real time thanks to the active involvement of the participants, artistic performances and interventions by institutions, scientific communicators and testimonials.


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Pensiero strategico e soluzioni innovative ci spingono a superare le aspettative, sempre. Per ogni progetto, un obiettivo in più. E’ così che ci evolviamo insieme ai nostri clienti.


The collaboration between EuGMS and Aristea began in 2013, when the Society’s annual congress was held in Venice, and since 2016 EuGMS has chosen Aristea as their Core PCO.

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Società Italiana di Medicina Interna

SIMI (Italian Society of Internal Medicine) is the oldest Italian scientific society.

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