Pillole di NOAC

Pillole di NOAC

Pillole di NOAC (NOAC pills) is an omnichannel project that aims to explore the topic in depth using various points of view and various modalities (webinar, digital circle, podcast, video lectures, double interviews, live and on-demand polls on cases) to keep alive the attention over the course of 18 months.

The project is managed through a platform within which users, once registered, have the opportunity to enrol in the various events available by creating their own personal path in the “my courses” section, where they can see the courses they have already completed and the ones they plan to take.


Altri case

Pensiero strategico e soluzioni innovative ci spingono a superare le aspettative, sempre. Per ogni progetto, un obiettivo in più. E’ così che ci evolviamo insieme ai nostri clienti.


The collaboration between EuGMS and Aristea began in 2013, when the Society’s annual congress was held in Venice, and since 2016 EuGMS has chosen Aristea as their Core PCO.

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Società Italiana di Medicina Interna

SIMI (Italian Society of Internal Medicine) is the oldest Italian scientific society.

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