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Business Consultancy

We offer consulting and outsourcing services for companies in the health sector.
All services are managed by qualified personnel through interactive applications that increase business performance, productivity and efficiency.

Our thirty-year experience and deep understanding of compliance allow us to act proactively and efficiently.

Our innovative solutions can be utilized for managing various administrative tasks.

All applications are “web-based” and can be used through any browser, thus, they do not require installation or updates.

The benefits include optimizing internal resources, the ability to monitor activities in real-time, and ensuring compliance control.

We evolve the concept of consulting

Some data for an overview of our business:


years of experience in the sector.


dedicated business division.


cases handled every year.

Custom Solutions

Medical Marketing Marketing

We offer project experience gained in various therapeutic areas to support healthcare companies in health marketing strategies based on science to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness among users.

Medical communication

We develop online and offline communication models for the implementation of campaigns in the healthcare sector and in the area of doctor -patient relationships. We collaborate in the spread of medical science through our network of healthcare professionals.

Certification of skills

We collaborate, through training programs, in certifying individuals and professions. Certification is achieved through a conformity assessment system in accordance with national or international documents – such as standards, established practices, or proprietary norms – which define the various professional requirements of knowledge, skills, and competencies for specific professions. Certification is obtained following an examination based on the requirements defined in the reference standard.

Business Process Outsourcing

Through a consolidated experience, we are able to offer our expertise in the management of administrative activities.
We offer IT solutions that optimize processes by providing business intelligence data and statistical analysis.

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Beyond expectations, towards efficiency

Return on investment, measurable feedback, audience engagement and loyalty. These are some of the results that we deliver to our customers every day. Read our case histories.

CKD Action!

CKD Action! A cinema-themed event to emphasize that nephrology today has the task of taking action, in the interest of the health of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

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Cuore e Non Solo

Cuore e non solo (CeNS) is a digital project dedicated to cardiovascular health specialists.

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