09 Feb In Corpore Sano

The “In corpore sano” meetings will continue in 2015. “In corpore sano” (The Healthy Body) is a project born out of Aristea’s collaboration with Il Secolo XIX, a leading daily publication for the dissemination of information in Liguria, with the aim of making the topic of health more approachable for all. In fact even today it is difficult to relate the topic of health to fun and positivity. The first thing that springs to mind when the word health is mentioned are long, boring texts, incomprehensible advice from doctors, tablets of every shape and colour to be taken at every hour, not to mention cost. This project wants to turn these notions on their head and transform healthcare into something that can be fun, interesting and worth sharing. The “In corpore sano” meetings are open to all age groups and seek to inform and educate in a lively manner, using layman’s terms to talk about how we can best look after our health by following some simple steps.